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Production Mon-Fri: 7am to 3:30pm

DiesMaterials: Solid bars of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver and various grades of low carbon steels.

Pinion rod: We are tooled for numerous pinion rod items within the following parameters .100” to 1.250” outside diameter, 12 to 80 pitch, in any number of teeth, 14-1/2 deg pa or 20 deg pa standard involute tooth profiles. Special tooth forms and metrics profiles can also be provided.

Custom shapes: Shapes can be produced to almost any configuration and specification, dependent on customer requirements. The major parameter is that the overall size must fit within approximately a 1.250” circle.

Corner radii: .005” to .007” nominal (closer if required).

Tolerance: .002” nominal and as close as .0005” depending on configuration.

Surface finish: Surface finish is provided in the 10 to 18 micro inch range.

Finished form: Material is shipped in straight bar lengths or coil form.

Packaging: Material is provided in wooden boxes and shrouded in plastic to insure safe transport to your location. Special packaging requirements can be accommodated.

Chemical certification: Chemical certification is available upon request for all material shipped from Utility MFG.


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