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Pinion wire and pinion rods are some of the many products that we manufacture here at Utility Manufacturing. These wires and rods serve a number of different purposes and are available in numerous steel alloys.


What is Pinion Wire/Rod?

Pinion wire is a length of metal (usually cold drawn steel) that has been molded with notches on all sides. It resembles a gear, but stronger, and in a longer shape. Pinion rods are similar, but they are thicker pieces of metal with those same notches on them.

Pinion wire is thinner and can be sold as rolls. The rods are typically sold as straight pieces of metal since they are thicker and unable to be rolled like the wire. Which type you get (wire or rod) depends on the overall width you need. There are plenty of uses for both.


Where are these Pinion Rods Used?

There are many applications of pinion rods. Rack and pinion steering, which is built into vehicles, specifically cars, is one of them. In a car, the system, which consists of a gear and a pinion, helps the vehicle steer one way or another. When you change directions, for example, when turning a corner, the rack and pinion steering are what makes the motion fluid.

You’ll find that pinion rods pair well with gears (although gears are weaker) in order to make machinery run smoother. They can also be used to make gears of their own, often known as spur gears, simply by cutting the rods down to the size that is needed. When pinion rods and gears are used in unison, the rod is the “driver” that moves the gear.

The industries that use pinion rods the most include those that make industrial machinery of different types. The gear rack (another term for a pinion rod paired with a gear) is used to create a series of movements in the machinery. It can create mechanisms that positioning, as well as vertical and horizontal movements.


Features & Benefits of Pinion Rods

There are many benefits of pinion rods that make them much better than simpler gears. Gears are typically machined. This means that they start out as small circles of metal that have the notches, or teeth, as they are sometimes known, cut into them.

Pinion rods, on the other hand, are molded into shape, which makes those ridged sections much stronger. Plus, as they are made from cold drawn steel, they have a higher tensile strength. On top of this, their exterior surface is very shiny and nice-looking, even though most people never see this, as the pinion wire is installed into the machines before they receive them.

As far as cost is concerned, you receive more for your money when purchasing pinion rods, since you can cut them down to the specific size that you need. This is much easier and less expensive than buying individual gears.


Pinion Rod Manufacturing Process using Cold Drawn Process

Pinion rod is a very strong material. It all starts with the way that they are made. Pinion rods and pinion wire (the designation depends on the diameter) are made via the cold drawn steel process. This involves melting down the alloys for the steel and then letting the newly forged metal cool before it’s sent through a series of progressively smaller dies.

The metal is coated with a type of lubricant to help it get through those dies without being damaged. One of the final dies that the metal is sent through is a mold, which forces the shapes onto the metal, forming the characteristic notches that turn a standard metal rod into a pinion rod. Since the metal is already cooled by the time it is molded, it is incredibly resilient.


How Utility MFG Helps

If you need pinion wire or pinion rod made to your exact specifications, then you need to contact us. Utility Manufacturing has been around for over 80 years, and we remain the same privately owned business that you respect. We are capable of producing both large and small amounts of pinion wire with a short lead time. Our high-quality cold drawn steel products easily meet your needs.

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